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Tailor-made models can attain even ambitious goals. Conventional procedures slow progress and bring things to a standstill. We look beyond that and follow our basic principle: The goal is the way. With a strategic vision, we produce creative concepts encompassing all of the facets of communication.


Every brand stands on a foundation of good communication work. Whether it's corporate identity, design, or marketing: Branding is successful if all of the different measures activate synergies and contribute to the brand. Advertising is more than just visual. It is conceptional, strategic, and target group-oriented. In order to develop and fortify the brand, we filter the mindset of our clients and convert them into authentic concepts.


A company's success isn't a matter of chance or even luck. Behind the scenes, you'll always find a mature plan and a good strategy. The exact goal is determined by the dramaturgy – inwards and outwards. Communication energizes actions and influences all of the scenarios. We accompany businesses on their path and adapt the playbook to match the given challenges and goals.


Where the best and the brightest can come together and produce excellence: People with their abilities, personal interests, dreams, and ideas. Our agency strives for perfectly networked communication. Each team member is part of a greater whole. Journalists, coaches, art directors, graphic designers, account managers, copywriters, illustrators, external supporters, and experts come together – with all of their wealth of experience and connections. This is the essence of succus. A spirit which is firmly anchored in our identity. The result is the very best output for our clients.

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We here at succus. offer a panoply of benefits so that everyone feels at home and can give their best. To name only a few: Coffee to wake up… fruit for a quick snack… kitchen utensils… electro-bikes the team members can borrow… workshops to acquire new skills. Besides that, there are five values that succus. has made the basis of its standard program:

Team comes first. We believe in teamwork and always celebrate our internal successes together.
We appreciate each other. Mutual respect and appreciation are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.
We love what we do. A passion for excellence and creativity are the ingredients for our success.
We look for solutions, not for problems. Solution-oriented action is the basis of our daily work.
We work hard and celebrate our success. We believe in professionalism and a portion of fun.

Have we met?

Maren Mittermaier
Graphic Designer
Anna Zangirolami
Digital Account Manager
Anja Plank
Digital Creator & Strategist
Jarno Scantamburlo
Graphic Designer
Silvia Ansaloni
Graphic Designer
Alexander Giuliani
Digital Campaign Manager
Melanie Mader
Copy & Concept
Marion Pfitscher
Digital Marketing Manager
Harald Plieger
Partner & CEO
Licia Zuppardi
Illustrator & Graphic Designer
Daniela Perathoner
Art Director
Martina Bonatti
Account Manager
Jeannine Psaier
Art Director
Sara Jasmin Mair
Account Manager
Michael Mühlberger
Founder & CEO
Sophie Huber
Digital Account Manager & Content Creator
Ellen Schuster
Graphic Designer
Julia Algrang
Michela Caobelli
Office Manager
Deborah De Biasi
Account Manager

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