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Once again this year, we have set ourselves the goal of sending a particularly touching Christmas message to our customers. We want them to remember us fondly and experience joy through our gesture. Like many others, we have been thinking about what Christmas gifts are truly meaningful. Our answer is a video campaign to raise awareness of blood donation. In collaboration with AVIS - Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue - and with the help of the talented photographer and videographer Maximilian Egger, this idea was successfully realised.

Here is the video with audio!


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This is how the idea of our awareness campaign for blood donation was born, accompanied by an emotional text and an atmospheric video. In collaboration with AVIS, Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue, and the talented video and photographer Maximilian, we were able to turn our idea into reality. Together, we created a unique Christmas wish, not only for our customers but for everyone who feels inspired. Internally, it has already worked, and some of the succus. employees are now also blood donors.

We wish you a reflective time! And if someone has already bought pajamas – no problem. It's perfect for comfortably watching our video from home and registering online as a blood donor.

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